Why is it so hard to talk about infertility?

The subject of infertility has been in the spot light again, in part due to Ant McPartlins admission to rehab, with him citing his and his wife’s difficulty conceiving as being a factor in his depression. It raised the question … Continue reading

How Can Reflexology Help Hormone Imbalance?

When Hormones are mentioned, visions of raging pubescent, Pre Menstrual or Menopausal women often spring to mind, but they affect everyone. Hormones are chemical messages secreted into the blood to stimulate specific cells or tissues into action. They are secreted … Continue reading

Clean Eating

Well a New Year is upon us, many good intentions, many books and DVD’s abound focusing on health and fitness and losing weight. Increasingly more and more information is available about clean eating and its benefits on health. What is … Continue reading

Vote for change

Things are heating up as the day progresses…..